Many Thanks

Dr. Maklin would like to thank so many of those who have helped him provide so much hope to the people of Haiti.

Fighting Cholera through Clean Water and Sanitation Supplies

Thank you for helping us fight against the cholera and other waterborne diseases by providing clean water and sanitation supplies to the Haitian people. Here is a photo of one of the wells to a community who were desperately in need of access to clean drinking water, as well as distributing sanitation supplies.


Thank you for helping us serve 600+ ladies and men through the micro-lending program. This gives a sustainable economic opportunity for parents and individuals provide for themselves and their families.

New Hope Hospital Construction

Last but not least, thank you for helping us continue to raise the funds for the hospital in Plaine-Du-Norde, which will provide services to over 250,000 people without reasonable access to healthcare.

Sanitation Distribution

Below are photos of the distribution of sanitation supplies (aqua tabs, bleach, ORS, Soap) in Brostage, a rural part of Dondon. There are four more rural sections we would like to help as well in the fight against cholera.

Cholera Outbreak in Dondon

This week there was a a resurgence of cholera cases, especially in Dondon, a town two hours from Cap-Haitian due to recent heavy rain.

Below are photos of sanitation supplies distribution (soap, aqua tabs, bleach, oral rehydration salt) for the people in Dondon.